Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Cute placemats

There's a really cute pattern for placemats on the moda Bake Shop site today. They are designed by Emily Herrick who has a blog called crazy old ladies. Hmmm.
The placemats are like paintchips and you could make up all sorts of fun names to embroider on as the color names.
The link to the pattern is http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-FkrXRfunGl0/UDO8_Imf3iI/AAAAAAAACEs/GhcYEwn4hTU/s1600/IMG_7863.JPG
Hmm it's possibly impossible to create a link using blogger on an iPad.
Well it is on the moda website which has a link on the sidebar, or you can cut and paste the URL.


  1. i love these! what a neat idea! (i have a secret collection of actual paint chips that i pull out sometimes when the weather is grey and all the world seems grey and i don't dare dive into either my wool stash or my fabric stash!)

    1. who knew that you had a secret paint chip collection! I wonder what other things you surreptiously collect...

  2. these are very pretty thanks for the link I am going to have to take a closer look

    1. each time I take another look, I like them more!

  3. Those are really fun! I love how the are all different colors. A very happy table... xoxo Silke


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