Friday, March 21, 2014

The ware cart is finished

This is what it looks like in use!  
The bars on top can hold 4 quilts, although  only two are on it right now.  
Finally, we have a way to have a kit, the quilt and the fabric all grouped together in an efficient way, 
The pipes tend to rub off some black stuff, even after being washed in soapy water, which is why I crocheted the covers, plus they are cute. 


  1. even though they are born of necessity, the crocheted covers just 'make' the cart - and the whole idea is genius! everything in one place! you are clever...

  2. Great idea and convenient to have material, kits and quilt together....

  3. Thanks, I like the combination of the wool and the iron pipe, it is a nice contrast of materials, I think,


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